Heat Waves

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Situational Awareness



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Current Air Temperature

Data from surface station observations. Updated hourly.

Current temperature maps courtesy of the Oklahoma Mesonet.

Current Apparent Air Temperature

Data from surface station observations. Updated hourly.

NWS apparent temperature charts: Heat Index and Wind Chill


Yesterday’s Normal High Temperature

Yesterday’s Actual High Temperature

Yesterday’s temperature maps courtesy of Penn State e-Wall.


Today’s Ultraviolet Radiation Index

More information: CPC UV Index

Today’s Ultraviolet Radiation Alerts

More information: CPC Experimental UV Alerts

High Temperature Forecasts (Day 1-6)


Forecast Highs (Day 1)

Forecast Highs (Day 2)

Forecast Highs (Day 3)

Forecast Highs (Day 4)

Forecast Highs (Day 5)

Forecast Highs (Day 6)

Extended Heat Index Forecasts (Day 3-14)


Forecast Max Heat Index (Day 3)

Forecast Max Heat Index (Day 4)

Forecast Max Heat Index (Day 5)

Forecast Max Heat Index (Day 6)


Heat Index Outlook (Day 6-10)


Heat Index Outlook (Day 8-14)

More maps: WPC Heat Index Forecasts