All U.S. Hazards

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this page is for general situational awareness and amateur forecasting purposes only and should not supersede the information provided by local officials during life-or-death situations. Reload this page for the latest updates.

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Situational Awareness



San Diego




New York



Active National Weather Service Advisories

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More interactive maps: USGS Natural Hazards Support System

Short-Term Hazards (Day 1-3)


Today’s Weather Hazards (Day 1)

Tomorrow’s Weather Hazards (Day 2)

Day After Tomorrow’s Weather Hazards (Day 3)

Weather Hazards Animation (Day 1-3)

For official medium-range forecasts (Day 3-7): Weather Prediction Center

Extended Hazards (Day 3-14)


U.S. Hazards Outlook (Day 3-7)

U.S. Hazards Outlook (Day 8-14)

More information about these extended U.S. Hazards Outlooks: CPC Hazards Outlook
For intraseasonal climate anomalies and predictions (up to 3 months), please visit the Intraseasonal Climate page.

Numerical Model Guidance


GFS Surface Pressure, Thickness

NAM Surface Pressure, Thickness


GFS 850 mb Heights, Wind, Temperature

NAM 850 mb Heights, Wind, Temperature


GFS 700 mb Heights, Wind, Vertical Velocity

NAM 700 mb Heights, Wind, Vertical Velocity


GFS 500 mb Heights, Wind, Absolute Vorticity

NAM 500 mb Heights, Wind, Absolute Vorticity


GFS 300 mb Heights, Wind, Wind Speed

NAM 300 mb Heights, Wind, Wind Speed

GFS and NAM model output loops are courtesy of UNISYS.


Operational Models

Oklahoma Weather Lab
NOAA Rapid Refresh (RAP)
NCEP Model Analysis & Guidance


Experimental Models

SPC Short-Range Ensemble Forecasts
NOAA High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR)
NSSL Realtime WRF