All Hawaii Hazards

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Situational Awareness







San Diego



Active National Weather Service Advisories

For description of colors, click on image to be directed to NWS Honolulu.

Active Hawaii & Pacific Region Tsunami Messages

Official tsunami information courtesy of the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

For Hawaiian fire weather information: Fire Weather

North Pacific Surface Analysis

Satellite & Radar Reconnaissance


Central Pacific Infrared


East Pacific Infrared

Other Northeast Pacific channels: Water Vapor | Visible | Multispectral


Hawaii Region Visible (Updates: Daytime Only)

Other Hawaii Region channels: IR

Hawaii Region Radar Reflectivity Mosaic


Local Island Visible (Updates: Daytime Only)

Local Island Radar-Estimated Storm Total Precip

Other Hawaii regional satellite views: UH Meteorology Weather Server

Radar Reflectivity (Lowest Tilt)

Radial Velocity (Lowest Tilt)


In-Situ Observations


Current Surface Observations

Statewide map courtesy of the College of DuPage NEXLAB.

Island maps courtesy of the UH Meteorology Weather Server.

Soundings courtesy of the Oklahoma Weather Lab.

Lihue Sounding

Hilo Sounding

Numerical Model Guidance

UH Meteorology: GFS & WRF viewer for Pacific and Hawaii regions
UH Meteorology and NOAA: Local Analysis and Prediction System (LAPS)
UH Meteorology: Forecast Soundings

Sea Conditions

National Data Buoy Center: Hawaii Region
NOAA Tide Predictions: Hawaii Region

Significant Wave Height (NOAA Wavewatch III)
Current Initialization

24-hr Forecast

48-hr Forecast

Peak Wave Period & Direction (NOAA Wavewatch III)
Current Initialization

24-hr Forecast

48-hr Forecast

More significant wave height & wave period plots: LaJolla Surfing

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, & Jellyfish


Recent Earthquakes

Courtesy of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.


Volcanic Hazards Monitoring

Current status of volcanoes: USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
Volcanic gas and aerosols: UH Vog Measurement and Prediction


Box Jellyfish Forecast Arrival Dates

Calendar courtesy of
More beach alerts including jellyfish statements:

Extended Outlook


500 mb Heights (green) & Standardized Anomalies (red & blue)


Day 6-10

Day 8-14

More information: CPC 6-10 Day and 8-14 Day Hawaiian Outlooks