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The “Incident Map Room” collects official, real-time data from numerous websites across the internet in different formats and organizes them into an easily-comprehensible, standardized layout. The internet is increasingly flooded by weather information on blogs and websites from the public, private, and academic sectors. For those outside of the meteorology community who need to remain in-tune to the latest hazardous weather news, it has become difficult to differentiate between reliable and not-so-reliable sources of information. For those inside the meteorology community, there is a need for an all-hazards portal that organizes primary sources of official weather data to aid in nowcasting and forecasting. The “Incident Map Room” was created with both of these users in mind. It is a tool for decision makers, meteorologists, and concerned citizens alike to stay abreast of the latest weather situation. The scope is all hazards, with a separate page devoted to each, simulating a virtual “map room” or “map wall.” A full weather briefing can be obtained by simply scrolling through the pages. All sources are clearly indicated. Most are from the federal government and in the public domain. Others are included with permission.



To navigate the “Incident Map Room,” begin by selecting a hazard below, or by mousing over the menu item above and selecting a hazard from the drop-down menu. Each page begins with a “Situational Awareness” subsection, which collects official government alerts, advisories, and outlooks, designed for decision makers such as emergency managers and first responders. Those who are more technically trained in meteorology may continue scrolling through each page for a more in-depth understanding of the dynamics driving the current weather situation. All images are live and clickable, and together with corresponding links, can be used as a gateway to access the original websites for further analysis.


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DISCLAIMER: Although the “Incident Map Room” is intended to be as comprehensive as possible, errors and omissions may exist. When in doubt, please directly consult the official website that is linked to the page. The information provided is for general situational awareness and amateur forecasting purposes only and should not supersede the information provided by local officials during life-or-death situations.

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